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Bollywood to bhangra, Hip-Hop to Salsa. Dance asia plus on last solution for all your needs.

We Design Choreography  & Customize music  according to the need of Your Event 

Wedding Dance Choreography

Dance Asia Plus based in Delhi, they are a team of choreographers with over several years of experience in the business. Their team is dedicated to bringing a variety of dance styles to everyone. They choreograph performances for weddings, and their events are some of the most highly anticipated and well-attended events.

Corporate Dance

Dance can be used in a number of ways to help companies achieve employee retention, team building, increased cohesiveness, increased cooperation and in turn, higher levels of productivity. There are various forms of dance that can be used together in combination or individually to provide workshops to a group of people to help them know each other better, form friendships and have a lot of fun while at work, at events or day outings!

Dance Troops & Entry theme

We are top dance troupe in Delhi for Bollywood performance Star Nights, Corporate events, College Shows Marriage Shows, Celebrity Back up performance, Musical Groups, Event organizers for corporate and much more.

Best tips for


Best tips for grooms

It's all about the bride! From deciding the date to the last dance of the evening, your job is to ensure the bride is happy. That means supporting her decisions regardless, fixing any problems that come up (ideally without her even knowing it's happened), and guarding her from anyone you know is going to make her blood boil on the day.

Have your say If you really want something or don't like something, don't keep quiet about it to keep your fiancée happy. But don't harp on about it for ever - once a decision is made, move on so you can enjoy the rest of the planning. Discuss with your bride whether your suit is going to be a surprise or whether you're going to match a colour scheme. Most grooms are just left to it, but some idea of what the bride is expecting is wise.

Best tips for brides

Pick the perfect song

The first step is choosing a song that reflects your relationship as a couple. Start your list early and remember that half the fun is making it together.

Practice even if you're not planning on doing choreography

Once we decided on a song selection, it was time to practice the dance. Dancing for just a few minutes each day will help familiarize yourself with the beat and movements.

Keep the size of your dance floor in mind

You don't want to find out that your five-step tango only has room for three steps on the big day

Best tips for


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